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Thanks for visiting the Dakota Carrier Network web site. Any information submitted will be used for internal DCN use only. In visiting our site, if you view specific pages or download information from specific pages, we track visits to those pages and collect the totals in order to measure the number of visitors to our web site. That information is helpful to better design our site because we know which pages within our site are frequented. However, we do not automatically collect your personal e-mail address simply because you visit our site. All we know, based on the information that we collect, is the number of times on a date that a particular page was visited.


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Dakota Carrier Network makes no warranty whatsoever, expressed or implied, including any warranty as to accuracy, completeness or timeliness, concerning the information or views (collectively, "information") available at or through this Web site. Dakota Carrier Network will endeavor to periodically update the information contained at this Web site, but you should not assume that such information is accurate, complete or the most up-to-date information available. Dakota Carrier Network shall not be liable to you or anyone else in any way for any loss, claim or damages caused in whole or in part by Dakota Carrier Network providing or your using any of the information available at or through this Web site.